Thursday, June 6, 2013

((Ending the Travelogue))

((I'm making this off-schedule reply to let everyone know that the travelogue will be going on indefinite hiatus after the next update (June 15). I have become increasingly busy lately, and now that I've gotten some work published, it's essential that I create more original stories.

Normally I'd be happy to continue despite this, but my job also demands a great deal of writing. As such, I'm simply too exhausted to continue both the travelogue and work on original fiction with any degree of consistency. Also, to be honest, I'm feeling a bit burned out.

The next update is actually a pretty good stopping place. Destron will be in his favorite city and with his best friend, while Felya's nearby to make sure things don't get too pedantic. I'll add a short epilogue after the June 15 entry.

I suggest that all readers consider this the ending. While there is a possibility that I will continue with the post-Cataclysm Eastern Kingdoms, that's dependent on a number of external factors.

I do have a decent amount already written, so if you'd like, you can email me at (after June 15) and I'll send it over. Keep in mind, however, that it may well be a story without resolution.

Thanks, and I hope nobody's too disappointed.))


  1. Sad, but understandable, and it's good to hear things are going your way. Thanks for everything (it's been amazing), get well (FROM BURNOUT BE PURGED), and good luck (you deserve it)!

  2. Now others need to take up the slack of traveloguing the game! Consider it a challenge accepted.