Sunday, June 27, 2010

((OOC: Delay Update))

Hey, the first half of Sholazar Basin is going to be late. This is for several reasons. First, I broke my own rule regarding fanfic (ie, never write any fanfic other than Travels through Azeroth and Outland) and wrote a short piece for the Marathon Trilogy, a sixteen-year-old game franchise made by Bungie, better known for Halo.

Now, I'd certainly be flattered if you read it, but don't feel obliged. Though Walder on A Writer's Recluse enjoyed it despite not knowing about Marathon (and thank you for reading it if you're here), it might be hard to get into if you don't know the series' background. One of the problems with fanfic is that it's built-in audience also acts as a limitation. Anyway, you can find it here.

Second, the finale of Suburban Fury on Scratched Nerve took longer to write than I'd planned. I'll post it either tonight or tomorrow. Third, my real life's been insanely busy lately. Still, I have done a bit of work on Sholazar, so it should be up in the first half of July.))


  1. I'm not all that familiar with the HALOverse, but I like the little media snippets that you've interspersed throughout the story.

  2. Thanks, I figured those kind of made the story.

    It actually takes place in the Marathon Universe, the setting for Bungie's Marathon Trilogy, not the HALOverse. It shares a number of thematic similarities to Halo, and the latter series is in many ways a spiritual sequel.

    I actually like Marathon more than Halo, even after all these years. I'll admit that some of it comes from nostalgia, but Marathon was much more revolutionary (incorporating guns that use clips, secondary firing modes, and a rather intricate [if oft-impersonal] plotline, all in 1994-96).

    Halo is very polished, but didn't seem as groundbreaking, at least from my layman's viewpoint.

  3. Ah.  For some reason, I read "better known for HALO" as "better known as HALO."  My bad.

  4. Hey, Anon:

    Sorry that I deleted your comment, but it did have some spoilers that some people might want to see. To address your question though, I really don't feel sympathetic to Sylvanas at this point.

    I never considered Sylvanas good. I figured she was insane and self-absorbed, and let her underlings do more or less as they pleased, explaining the excesses of the RAS.

    Now that she's actively doing evil, yeah, time for a revolution/coup. Normally I'd advocate for a democratic referendum for a new ruler, but that does not appear to be an option.

    As for the travelogue narrator's opinion, you may have noticed that after Wrathgate, he stopped calling Sylvanas as "Our Dark Lady," and simply refers to her by her name.

  5. Also, I forgot to say this in the Zul'Drak section, but I really liked the idea of an Orcish bishop of Ogrimmar. You really should expand on that element.

  6. In response to the second (possibly the same) Anon (who requested that I delete his comment so as to avoid spoilers): I really don't see how a leader can justify doing that to an allied sovereignty.

    If you have questions regarding my opinions on various Cataclysm spoilers, email them to