Monday, August 17, 2009

State of the Travelogue ((OOC))

Hey, everybody.

First off, this isn't really an update. Now, before anyone gets worried, I promise to finish everything in Northrend. However, I'm starting to really doubt that I'll continue on to Cataclysm, for several reasons.

I'm sure most everyone has seen the rumors swirling around the Internet. Honestly, I feel pretty silly even speculating on them, since they are just rumors. That said, I'm inclined to suspect that this rearrangement of Azeroth's geography is going to happen, mostly due to the globes seen in the Halls of Lightning.

I just don't have much interest in returning to these zones, even if they are altered beyond recognition. Some of this stems from my sentimental attachment towards the zones in their current states; this probably comes from writing so much about them. Still, that's one of the risks of fanfiction. Someone once likened writing fanfic to playing in another person's backyard. To further this comparison, if the owner decides to tear out the flower bed and replace it with a swimming pool, there's not a whole lot the writer can do about it.

Here's the real issue: even if these rumors are completely false and Blizzard offers 100% new content, I'm not sure I should cover Cataclysm. I've been working on the travelogue since 2006. It's some of the most fun I've ever had in writing, and it's been great getting feedback from readers. At the same time, it's a bit limiting. I'm not sure how much more the travelogue can let me grow as a writer. My original fiction has fallen by the side, all but abandoned.

Now, nothing's set in stone just yet. Obviously, a lot depends on what's revealed in BlizzCon this weekend. A more conventional expansion might change my stance, to a degree. Still, I need to explore other kinds of writing, so if I do write about Cataclysm, it will probably be in a more limited capacity.

I don't necessarily think that Blizzard changing the old world around is a bad thing. It does make the setting more dynamic, and I think a lot of people like the idea. Ultimately, it doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy. Maybe I'll be impressed enough with the flooded Barrens that I'll continue, but again, probably in a limited capacity, with chapters that are shorter (though still of high quality).

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know about what's in the future for this blog. If you have any comments or questions, please post them: I'll respond as soon as possible.


  1. Do what you wanna do man. I really like your style, and not only are you good at presenting settings in characters in such a satisfying and exemplary way, but your slow and steady character development with Destron is really addicting. I would be a fan of your writings where ever you go. (and yeah, cataclysm sounds like suck.)

  2. Woah, I hadn't seen this stuff.
    I can see the bright points of it all, experiencing old stuff in a new manner, aswell as the dark side like missing the olden golden days, the darkest one being the end of he travelogue. Though I can understand why you might have to let go. All good things must come to an end. Maybe things can never begin if they can never end...
    Hrrm, sorry got a bit philopsophical there.
    I just hope that the expansion goes well. Alot of people seems to be ragging on it, possibly because they are tired of the game, yet can't really seem to let go:

    "I think this game will kill me
    (lvl 60, lvl 60, lvl 60)
    Only then will it release me."
    - Warcrack - "Peeing in a bottle"

    I hope Blizzard pulls it off (else it's probably Activisions faul:). I wouldn't wanna see the 11 million mmorpg go down like that.
    And I agree with Lucas, this writing is addictive.

    Now I'm gonna go and forget about this and wait for next Howling Fjord instead :)

  3. I'd be terribly excited about a rearrangement of the old Azeroth, but I don't think anyone could fault you for retiring the Travelogue if you feel so inclined. Only continue writing about what excites you. That's what makes this travelogue so good.

    But first things first. When Cataclysm is released, decide if you want to play through it. If you do, and it interests you to explore it as fanfiction, go for it! Whether from Destron's perspective, or from a new perspective.

    No need to apologize for taking the path that you feel is right. Besides, I would much rather have a satisfying end to the Travelogue in Icecrown than have you continue to write it only because you feel beholden to your readers. :-)

  4. Hey man, I'll read anything you write, so long as it shows up in the RSS feed somehow :-)

  5. I like the travelogue as is, but I guess if you felt you had to, you could drop Cataclysm in at a later date. But there's no need to. The travelogue is fine as it is.

    However, Cataclysm looks bogus. I read about as far as 'flying mounts in Azeroth' and stopped. Blizz has stated (through blueposts) that there will not be flying mounts in Azeroth, ever. Northrend, yes. Azeroth, no. So that instantly makes this sound a wee bit fishy. I can understand the 85 level cap, and some of the class changes, but the flying mounts thing seems too far-fetched, honestly. As for a Worgen race...well, who knows? I would have rather had Naga though.
    I'd be interested to see some SS'd/quoted blueposts in those threads, really. It sounds like a massive leak, if a leak it is.

  6. I wouldnt be surprised if the content of the old world were to change, if only to give a new spin on low leveling of toons. But who knows what will come, either way, I am a total fan of your work and always wish you the best, no matter what way your decide to go. Your work has given hours of compelling reading, and even more time anticipating. For that I truely thank you


  7. Whatever Lucas said :) I really love your rendition of Azeroth. Outland was a blast and Northrend is shaping up to be really cool under your hand. Whatever you do, I will still continue to read your blog :)

    I do hope they don't change WoW too much though... but it is still frightening how quickly the lore changes...:(

  8. I've loved the travelogue since it first appeared, but I do see what you mean by being limited.

    You've managed to flesh-out the lore in such a way that I suggest your blog as a good resource for people wanting to learn more about the various zones. It's plausible and fits with the lore, but I can see how it's limiting.

    Destron's writings will always be limited by the Blue Gods, since you have a couple of problems.

    1) You can't introduce radical world changing events.

    2) You have to keep the writing WoW related so that players will relate to it.

    At least that's my take on things. It would be nice to see the blog continuing, but I think that you're a very talented writer who could just as easily be building his own worlds, and enjoying the additional freedom it brings.

    Malon/Lienra of Moonglade EU

  9. I agree with your reasoning about writing about the zones one-by-one - you've written about them, that's that, and what can you really write about a zone that's turned into a great inland lake (Thousand Needles)? I hope, if the rumors are true, that you would take a look at the new zones (Hyjal, Gilneas, so on), but that is of course your decision.

    I've been reading your travelogues ever since you started posting them on (I was Saavedro there, heh) years back. Whatever decision you make in the end, we will support it - it's a shame to see it end, but what will be, will be.

  10. Hey Destron.

    World of Warcraft, in all its aspects and forms, is addictive and enjoyable. One of these forms is fanfiction. Unfortunately, as every Warcrack addict knows, the game can be rather consuming. And as you've spent almost four years on this thing, I think that you deserve a rest.

    Concerning the changes.

    (Firstly, I thought that the expansion was going to have something to do with the Maelstrom!)

    From a somewhat philosophical standpoint, a travelogue is a record of memories. Memories are not really meant to be changed, and so I can hardly fault you for ending this particular series after Northrend.

    It seems to me that over time, throughout the travelogue, Destron seems to become slightly detached. One thing seems to worry him consistently: the Forsaken. I think that Destron lacks a true "purpose," or that he himself feels that he does.

    Destron, to me, (when thinking about this topic) represents the old, reminiscing about how things were and how they have changed. I think that, if things are truly going to be changed as drastically as you say they will be, then it would be very hard to create a place for him in the new Azeroth.

    This is why I suggest, and some may be shocked by my suggestion, to come up with a fitting end for Destron. He has experienced most of the area of the game, met many 'people,' and has established a record of the world of Azeroth as it is now. It would seem almost cruel, I think, to allow him to live to see all of his experiences altered to the point that they were almost worthless. A Forsaken character would be most believable in this, I think, because it seems to me that many of them become weary of their unlives. It seems very anticlimactic, now, Destron's inevitable exploration of Icecrown. I think that you should, for the first and last(?) time, break your rule of not covering dungeons in your travelogue. (It would be the first, right? And this is assuming that you do, indeed, end it) The Icecrown Citadel showdown brings many plotlines together, and exhausts the Forsaken excuse for revenge. It would be most fitting if Destron were to be a part of that.

    If you decide to continue writing fanfiction...
    That depends. Ill leave that up to you. (Dwarves are excellent for comic relief)

    The Howling Fjord entries were excellent. Can't wait for the next article. Best of luck, Destron.


  11. I have enjoyed everyone of the Zones and your stories are great. I agree with the other comments in that would read anything else that your wrote. Keep up the good work and Only Time will tell what may happen. =-).

  12. That's an interesting idea, Drew. However, I think you underestimate Destron's (I really should've picked a different name for this blog; even though I'm referring to the narrator, I feel like I'm referring to myself in the third person) adaptability.

    Assuming that these changes take place, it would certainly be quite painful for Destron. At the same time, there's always a need for someone with his knowledge and expertise. However drastic the changes, the past still influences the present, and Destron knows quite a bit about that.

  13. It's been a tremendous pleasure reading the Travelogue over the past years, and it is sad to understand that it will have to come to an end. I know that you've talked for a while about Northrend being the likely end point for the tale, I am still sad to see that it will likely end under these circumstances.

    I agree with Drew that it feels like Destron has been moving towards a natural end to his journey of discovery for a while now. I'm interested to see what you develop in a more open writing setting than the travelogue.

    Still eagerly looking forward to the rest of Northrend!

  14. Okay, so Cataclysm's been announced. I'm actually not bothered by it. My big issue was with the idea of completely eliminating zones, but this doesn't appear to be the case. The Barrens have rivers of lava, but sections of the old savanna we know and love are still there.

    Of course, this doesn't change anything. The travelogue will still become a second priority for me once I'm done with Northrend. I might cover the new zones, but the entries will either be shorter in length, or more sporadic in updates. Original content has to take first priority for me.

  15. I think I agree with you Destron, it doesn't look as bad as I thought.
    I believe it was the question if whether the world we new would be destroyed, or remade, and I think they are indeed remaking it, rather than fully wiping it all of the chart.
    It's almost like the chapter Return To Orgrimmar, but less logical, and more draticly dramatic. To bad that one isn't happening, though I supose a world with a tame Westfall and safe Stranglethorn Vale would be a bit boring from a purely player point perspective (PPPP).
    And it looks as if the Marandis the Keeper is getting his wish through, seeing as Desolace is looking in the trailer.
    I can't help to feel a bit sorry for the Goblins, seeing as most people (including me, actually) is more hyped up on the worgen, but oboy! Gilneas is looking like a Tim Burton fairytale!
    Though I am wondering: Is this going to push us further away from the date when a lvl 80 warrior will be running through Dalaran with Frostmourne going "ZOMG! ZOMG! ZOMG!" (the warrior now most likely being an Blood Elf)?
    Arthas will have to sit down again, for the ne- old world awaits...