Monday, March 14, 2011

((Japanese Relief Efforts))

((Everyone knows the story by now. Japan is badly in need of aid. As those of you who frequent the forums may already know, I am half-Japanese. My relatives in Japan are okay, but there are millions of people facing shortages of food and water, as well as a lack of shelter. There are also continuing problems with the nuclear reactors.

If you've enjoyed the travelogue at all, I implore you to make a donation, even a very small one. It would mean a great deal.

Follow the above link to make a donation to the Japanese Red Cross. The site will ask you to make a donation in Yen; just put in the appropriate amount ($20 is equal to ¥1600, as of today, though this may change), and you can pay via credit card. The Japanese Red Cross or the credit card company will take care of the currency exchange for you. Thank you.))

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