Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Political Interlude

Back in Orgrimmar, I attempted to secure an audience with the Horde leadership in order to warn them of the blood elves' deeds in Outland. I was dismayed to learn that the pact with the blood elves had already been signed. Nonetheless, I felt obliged to inform them of what I had seen.

The old human kingdoms threw bureaucratic obstructions in the way of any commoner attempting to see high officials. The orcs have their own unique way of making the process difficult. In order to get an audience, you must make your cause a epic one, worthy of song. Hyperbole is the key to success. While I'm not the most aggressive sort, I can play a role when forced. I was finally permitted to meet with Eitrigg, one of Thrall's advisors.

Eitrigg was an elderly warrior who graciously received me in the dim interior of Grommash Hold. I made my concerns known to him. Eitrigg nodded, and explained that the alliance with the Sin'dorei was best understood as an alliance with Silvermoon City, not the blood elf race as a whole. There had been no meetings with Kael'thas, or even anyone claiming to directly represent him. As far as the Horde was concerned, the elves serving Kael'thas on Outland were a separate entity from the ones still on Azeroth.

"How did the blood elves react to this distinction?" I asked.

"They understood that it was a regional agreement, between their besieged homeland and the Horde. Our proposal was written by a Forsaken who had been a lawyer in life—the other Horde races are not always as good with subtlety," he chuckled.

"So the elves still in Quel'thalas will acknowledge me as an ally?"

"Yes. Indeed, the Forsaken were the driving force behind their inclusion. I will tell you one thing however: it is no secret that both the Horde and Alliance are mustering their forces for an expedition to Outland. We do not know how the forces of Kael'thas will receive this. If the blood elves there attack any Horde citizen without cause, the Hordeling must strike back."

I thanked Eitrigg for his time, and bowed in respect. As I left, one thing was clear to me.

I had to see Quel'thalas.

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  1. Yay, Eitrigg~

    Although I sort of expected this to be longer, a few "reaction shots" of ppl around Orgrimmar perhaps.